“Holy Hoodlums” Biker Ministry

Bikers sometimes get a bad rap. People sometimes look down their noses at us because we have tattoos, or long hair, or wear leather jackets and chains on our wallets.  People see the outer appearance and hear the roar of the motorcycle and worry about the “hoodlums” pulling up…  You know what God sees?  God sees another one of His children.

“Holy Hoodlums” was created for those motorcycle riders who love the Lord and want to share in His Word and fellowship with other like-minded riders.

We meet at Chinn’s Chapel each 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 9:30-10:30am. We start with physical food, and end the hour with spiritual food!  We will enjoy a destination ride together following our bi-weekly gatherings.  ALL bikers are invited! Come as you are!

About 3 times a year, we will plan an opportunity to be of service to those in need in our community. Watch for details!

For more info, contact Rick or Tancy Turner at tancy.turner@yahoo.com.